The ease-of-use, performance, no precompilation, interactivity and sandbox features of #Script makes it useful for a wide range of use cases. To help stimulate some potential ideas we've included some example use cases below:

Sharp Apps

Build entire content-rich and data-driven .NET Websites in real-time for each major server platform without compilation.

Content Websites

Build self-contained content-heavy and documentation websites without any code.

Email Templates

Provide marketers a live editing experience to easily generate plain-text and HTML Templates.

Live Documents

Use #Script's built-in functionality and live interactivity experience to author and preview smart documents in real-time.

Introspect State

Use #Script to execute adhoc queries on the state of a running .NET App.

Adhoc Querying

Easily query data sources offering free-text APIs like using SQL to query RDBMS's with OrmLite.

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