Live Documents

The lack of pre-compilation and its fast startup and runtime performance makes Templates ideal for maintaining reactive live documents containing a mix of docs, processing and calculations like creating a personal budget:


Similar to keyvalues, you can specify a multi-column inline data set using the #csv block, e.g:

Live Document Blog

The blog Sharp App shows you can create a blog where each post is a Live Document with real-time feedback:

Embed Live Data from JSON APIs

## [ServiceStack]( GitHub Repos

""|> urlContentsWithCache({userAgent:'Script'})|> to => json

json  |> parseJson |> orderByDesc => it.watchers |> to => repos

repos |> take(5)   |> map => {, it.watchers, it.forks } |> htmlDump({caption:'Top 5 Repos'})

Total Repos: {{ repos.count() }}, Watchers: {{ repos |> map => it.watchers |> sum }}

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