App Index

In addition to the Sharp App Templates there's a number of Sharp Apps to illustrate the various features available and to showcase the different kind of Web Apps that can easily be developed. The source code for each app is available either individually from or published as Gist Desktop Apps.

App URL Scheme Command line (Win/macOS/Linux)
Spirals app://spirals $ x open spirals
Redis app://redis $ x open redis
Rockwind app://rockwind $ x open rockwind
Plugins app://plugins $ x open plugins
Chat app://chat $ x open chat
Blog app://blog $ x open blog
Win32 app://win32 $ x open win32
ServiceStack Studio app://studio $ x open studio
SharpData app://sharpdata?mix=northwind.sharpdata $ x open sharpdata mix northwind.sharpdata
SharpData app://sharpdata?mix=chinook.sharpdata $ x open sharpdata mix chinook.sharpdata

As SharpData is a generic RDBMS UI it needs to mix in Gists containing the DB info and/or .sqlite db if using SQLite

app URL Schemes

To open Sharp Apps with the app:// URL Scheme install the app dotnet tool:

$ dotnet tool install -g app
$ app -version

If on macOS/Linux you can use the cross-platform x dotnet tool to open Sharp Apps in your Default Browser:

$ dotnet tool install -g x
$ x open spirals

app local aliases

Where ever you can use a Gist Id, you can assign a local user-friendly alias to use instead such as referencing Gist Desktop Apps, e.g. we can assign the redis gist app to use our preferred alias:

$ app alias local-redis 6de7993333b457445793f51f6f520ea8

That we can open via command-line:

$ app open local-redis

Or URL Scheme:


Or if we want to run our own modified copy of the Redis Desktop App, we can mix the Gist files to our local directory:

$ app mix local-redis

Make the changes we want, then run our local copy by running app (or x) without arguments:

$ app

Other alias command include:

View all local aliases

$ app alias

View single alias

$ app alias db

Remove a local alias

$ app unalias db

Private Sharp Apps

Alternatively Sharp Apps can be published to a GitHub repo (public or private) and run with:

$ app open <user>/<repo>

Or link to it with its custom URL Scheme:


If it's in a private repo they'll need to either provide an AccessToken in the GITHUB_TOKEN Environment variable or using the -token argument:


Command Line:

$ app open <user>/<repo> -token <token>

Private Gist Desktop Apps

The token can also be used to run Gist Desktop Apps published to private gists:


Publishing Gist Desktop Apps

Publishing a Gist Desktop App just involves uploading the Sharp App's static folder to a Gist which can be done with the publish command along with the GitHub AccessToken containing gist write permissions for the App's static files to be published to:

$ x publish -token <token>

The first time it's run it will publish the files in the current directory to a new Gist and save the Gist Id to a local .publish file so the next time the above publish command is run it will update the same gist.

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